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The term bespoke services seems to be thrown around rather easily these days. In fact, many companies claim to be bespoke, but their services are far from it. You only need to take one look at a high street or online shopping directory to see that we seem to be inundated with all manner of bespoke jewellery, artwork and outfit services. 

However, to be a true bespoke company, your service needs to offer a little more than the basic ability to make simple alterations. They need to offer you the capabilities to make the product your own. To do this, the service needs to incorporate some very important features. 

It has come to our attention that we have frequently elaborated on how our bespoke joinery service is of high-quality, but we do not expand on what the services entails nearly as much. 

At Brinard Joinery, we supply high-quality bespoke joinery in Derby. From the conception of the project right the way through to those all important finishing touches, we take great pride in our work. 

So, whether you are planning on having a new external wooden door, or a more unique form of bespoke joinery, then let’s detail what you can expect from our brilliant services.  

The Conception 

Any great idea starts with an initial conception. In this stage, our potential customer approaches us with an idea. From here, we help our customers elaborate on their ideas as well as helping them to understand how their conceptions can be brought into reality.  

The conception stage is arguably the most exciting. Your imagination can really run. You can dream of pretty much any idea you want. 

The Design 

Now that we have the idea, we need to theorise how we will bring the idea into reality. Potentially the most important step in this process is the design. A detailed and thought out design is paramount in ensuring the project runs smoothly and efficiently. 

The experienced joiner will take measurements and use their expertise to draw up designs which can be easily realised. An effective design is essential in order for a piece of bespoke joinery to come to life. This stage is also the last stage in which you can still make amendments. While changes can be made later in the project, there is little doubt that this is considerably more difficult.  

The Build 

With all of the necessary planning out of the way, the process of building the bespoke woodwork can begin. This is potentially the most exciting point of the project as you will start to see the plans and design come to life. Our expert joiners will use every tool in their metaphorical arsenal in order to bring the design to life in the best way possible, and they will not stop until you are satisfied.  

The Fitting 

Once the joinery has been built, the fitting process can commence. Ensuring the bespoke joinery is firm and safe is of paramount importance. In fact the joiner should not leave until they are completely happy with the fitting process. If the fitting process is found to be lacking, not only will it leave you unhappy, it can cause a general safety concern. Luckily, our joiners are extremely professional in their approach. 

Follow Up

The final stage in our bespoke joinery service is no less important than the rest. Once the woodwork has been drawn up, built and fitted, we will follow up to ensure you are satisfied and happy with your bespoke joinery product. In this stage, the joiner can also address any enquiries you may still have. 

Bespoke Joinery Company

We are a highly regarded bespoke joinery company. We supply high-quality bespoke joinery to Sheffield, Derbyshire and many other locations. So, if you have an idea for a bespoke piece of woodwork, and you would like it brought to life, please contact us today.