A joiner using a ruler to decide where he will cut wood

Many people wonder what the difference is between a joiner, carpenter and a woodworker. Some people might think they are all the same. However, each trade can have similarities but they differ slightly in duties and expertise. As a joinery in Derbyshire, we are here to clear the confusion between them. In this article by Brinard Joinery, we will distinguish the difference between joiners, carpenters, and woodworkers.


A joiner specialises in the cutting and crafting of timber materials into wooden products including doors, windows frames, and staircases. They use heavy duty machinery including powered saws, grinders, planers, and sanders. Generally speaking, their services are not portable for on-site projects, so joiners perform most of their work in a workshop and the finished products are either collected or delivered to the site instead.


On the other hand, carpenters specialise in the installing, fitting, and repairing of wooden products. They work on-site in home improvements projects and construction sites rather than in workshops. They also use smaller and portable equipment such as tape measures, hammers, screwdrivers, and hand drills. Carpenters are hired to professionally fit a range of wooden structures such as roof trusses, staircases, window frames, doors, kitchen cabinets, shelving, and so on.


Woodworkers are experts in the designing, crafting, and repairing of wooden products, hence the name. It has quite a broad job description. The term can mean different things from person to person. In general, joiners and carpenters can be both classified as woodworkers.

Do I Need A Joiner, Carpenter Or A Woodworker?

Now that you understand the differences between each trade, we hope this article has helped you decide what person is right for the job you have in mind or for any jobs in the near future. In the UK, the term joiner or carpenter is used depending on your location. In the South of England, people tend to use the term ‘carpenter’. While in the North of England, people are most likely to use the term ‘joiner’. 

If your project is particularly large, you may need to hire both a joiner and a carpenter. However, an experienced joiner will have good carpentry skills.

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