Sliding wooden doors shot from the inside of a home

When it comes to different types of bespoke joinery in the springtime; there is arguably one form of the external wooden door which goes overlooked but really should not be. By this, we of course mean the increasingly common sliding wooden doors

Now that the frost and rain is finally starting to disappear with the ever approaching arrival of summer just around the corner; the chances are you will be wanting to spend more time stepping out onto the patio to enjoy the crisp spring air. There is arguably no better way to do this than opening your wooden sliding doors. 

While sliding timber doors can come in all shapes and sizes, including the frequently mentioned Accoya doors type, the general concept is largely the same. Because of this, it makes the sliding doors one of the most variable options for any homeowner. 

So if you are considering purchasing an external wooden door in Derby, or anywhere else for that matter, allow us to illustrate why you should consider making it a wooden sliding door. 

Adaptable and Versatile 

As previously alluded to, wooden sliding doors are incredibly adaptable and versatile. Whether your external wooden door is using traditional hardwood or other unique and more durable material such as those found on Accoya products; you can use any type of timber. 

Accompanying this is the fact that sliding doors will look great on most home or conservatory designs. 


While on the topic of how exterior doors look, another reason so many customers are choosing sliding doors is because they are pleasing to the eye. Sliding external doors look sleek, elegant and stylish. Not to mention sliding doors are undoubtedly unique and help your front door stand out from the crowd. 


Sliding doors are not just nice to look at; they are also incredibly practical too. Some customers cite opening sliding doors as generally easier compared to their frame fixed counterparts. 

In addition to this, sliding doors obviously allow more air into your home allowing for better ventilation and more varied and better air quality inside your home. Allowing more of the outside air into your home can also: help get rid of any potentially horrid smells; naturally cool your home during the summer months and even improve your energy efficiency. 

Letting The Light In

We have produced countless blogs which detail why you might want to let the light in. Letting the light into your home makes your home seem more appealing and welcoming. Brightening up your home can also help during the winter month. By doing this, you will naturally warm your home up allowing you to reduce the cost of your utility bills. 

You might be wondering; can an external wooden door be so effective at allowing light into your home. The answer is very simple; sliding doors are usually much bigger than standard doors. This allows significantly more light into the home. 

Interested In Sliding Wooden Doors? 

If you are looking for a new external wooden door in Derby or surrounding areas why don’t you try switching to a sliding wooden door? Please contact us for more information on wooden doors and other forms of high quality bespoke joinery.