Diagram explaining rating of the windows

If you have had a browse for new windows and doors, you will quite often see the words “A-Rated Windows”, but what are they, and why do you need them in your home? We have pulled together some vital information that will help you understand the positive impact that they can have on your home.

What are A-Rated Windows?

The rating refers to the level of energy efficiency, heat retention and overall performance of the windows. A-rated means that they are one of the best types of windows available to help increase the efficiency of your home.

Why Are Efficient Windows Important?

When it comes to our homes, we are constantly spending money on them in one way or another. From general home improvements, to standard bills like gas and electricity, and even larger ticket changes like orangeries and conservatories. So reducing one of your monthly bills can help to have a big impact on your finances over a long period of time.
Increasing the energy efficiency of your windows helps to increase the level of heat retention during the winter months. In turn, it means that you can have your heating on for shorter periods of time with the same level of warmth remaining in the home. Alternately, in the summer, it can help to keep the indoor temperature cooler when the sun is beating down outside.

Is It A Requirement?

There is no requirement for your windows to be A-rated. However, there are building regulations that state that any dwellings must comply with an appropriate U-Value (there will be an associated energy rating to coincide with this requirement). For the latest information please contact us, or review the building regulations website.

Can Timber Windows Be A-Rated?

With advancements in technology, wood treatments and the type of wood we use here at Brinard Joinery, every set of windows that we fit comply with a minimum of A-rating.
We use Accoya wood in each of our projects. This wood has undergone extensive treatment to ensure that not only does it have an increased lifespan it also boasts increased efficiency in any project it is used in, including doors and windows. You can read more about our use of Accoya in the blog “Accoya wood, still our top choice

For more information on investing in A-Rated windows from Brinard Joinery please contact a member of our knowledgeable team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also check back to our blogs for more information.