Accoya doors and windows

If you want windows and doors that look fantastic while standing up to heavy usage, Accoya windows and doors are the perfect solutions. We are the premier supplier of these products across Derbyshire and surrounding regions working extensively with home and business owners. Accoya windows and doors are specially treated to ensure they stand up to wind, rain and ice with only the minimum amount of maintenance requirements. They are far more durable than their PVC counterparts while being far more stylish too.

Best Value for Accoya Windows and Doors in Derbyshire

Nobody offers a better value service for Accoya windows and doors in Derbyshire and we pride ourselves on having extremely competitive prices. We use only tried, trusted and fully contractors to install your windows and doors so every aspect of the job is perfect. Accoya windows and doors look great on properties old and new with an enormous range of styles to choose from. Glass panes can be incorporated into doors while you can have Accoya sash windows for a truly timeless style. The choice is totally up to you and with Accoya, you have the most versatile choice available.

Why Choose Accoya for your Windows and Doors

Accoya is the best wood for external wooden doors and windows that will last 50 years, making it more durable than all the other joinery timbers. The BBA assessed material does not require any chemical preservatives to be applied it is cut or planed.  You can use Accoya wood for different types of windows including:

  • Timber Sash Windows
  • Historic Windows
  • Contemporary timber windows

Delivering long term performance and increased thermal values, Accoya timber will also save you money on your energy bills plus investing in their windows and doors will add value to your home.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

Our showroom in the Midlands is always open to the public. Pop in for a visit and to see a range of our work and have a chat with our designers about your project. Brinard has also undertaken work on listed buildings thanks to our ability to recreate classic designs and fit in with the existing decor. If you are looking to have improvements made to a listed building, just give us a call to discuss your requirements in line with the law. Accoya windows and doors can be made in traditional or contemporary styles too, or a whole new one! If you would like to know more about our Accoya windows and doors, please feel free to contact us at any time.