bespoke joinery in a church

For the most part, churches are kept as true to form as possible, with as little modernisation as possible. However, we know that for some smaller parish churches, this can be difficult as things start to age and need swapping out. Here at Brinard Joinery, our bespoke work allows us to perfectly recreate any existing features. Helping you to keep your existing style intact, this is an excellent feature for anyone who is looking for church creation or recreation.

External Features

Churches boast a number of features that make them stand out from everything around them. While we can’t help you keep your steeple in tip-top condition, or replace stones as they deteriorate, we can help you to ensure that the wooden or timber features are replaced with like-for-like, high-quality products.

Church doors are highly unique to the church that they are on, this can become problematic with so many of them that are now starting to age. We understand the reluctance to replace your church doors as they are usually of high quality, extremely old and highly personal to your church. Our team of expert joiners will  endeavour to recreate your existing doors with high-quality and sustainable materials which will ensure your church doors last another few generations. Unfortunately, even churches are requiring increased security. As such, our team will work with you to ensure that your new door boasts increased levels of security, while still maintaining the classic appearance. This means your security features will be as hidden as we can possibly make them.

Similar to church doors, church windows are typically unique to the church. Previously, church windows have been single-paned with stained glass. However, many churches are looking at improving the comfort of their churches, while maintaining the classical appearance. Here at Brinard Joinery, we can look at creating a second fixing window on the interior of the existing windows to help keep the interior warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This is known as secondary glazing. By opting for secondary glazing frames which are created by bespoke joiners, we can work with you to create an appearance that still compliments your church as well as being incredibly impractical.

Internal Features

The internal features of a church are truly unique. There are very few other places where you would find a number of these features and even fewer places that would offer them “off the shelf”. You wouldn’t want to purchase these features from a wholesaler, you would want them to be unique to your church.

For the most part, the pews in a church have been in situ for over a hundred years. This is thanks to the quality of their build. However, as time goes on, many are starting to show general signs of wear and tear. If you are looking at replacing the existing pews, you will want to ensure that they are just as high quality and just as individual to the church as they can be. Our team want to ensure that your new pews will have just as long a lifespan as the originals while keeping with the existing appearance.

The key feature that we all hope will be in place for the lifespan of the church is the altar. These have usually been sculpted using the finest of materials to the highest standards. However, there are occasional times that these have needed to be replaced. We understand how important the altar is in a church, so if you are in need, please get in touch and we can discuss ways of helping your church.

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