bespoke joinery

Bespoke Joinery refers to a wooden product that is tailored and crafted to an individual’s specifications. For 25 years Brinard Joinery has been the go-to for personalised and exact joinery in the Midlands. But what exactly can we provide our customers with? Well, our joiners love the craft anything out of wood and below we’ve outlined just some of our most popular products.

What Bespoke Joinery Do We Offer

Our bespoke joinery travels right across the Midlands including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire as well as the surrounding areas. No matter where you’re located we can provide you with our high-quality workmanship. Our bespoke joinery services include:


Your front door is the first point of contact with the outside world. Sent the right message and display your personality with a handcrafted unique door. Thanks to the use of timber and Accoya wood. The outside stays outside. Holding your heat with no cracks for the heat to escape.


For our windows, you only receive grade A for efficiency and quality. Like our doors, your high-quality windows keep hold of the heat which not only look great but can save £ of your energy bills. Whether you’re looking for casement, sash or tailor-made windows, we guarantee they’ll reflect your specifications.


For your staircase, we can seamlessly blend your new design into the decor home your home. If your home is traditional or contemporary, your staircase will fit right in and not look at all out of place. Our staircases can be crafted to be either a statement or subtle, depending on your requirements.


The kitchen is the central hub of the home and more than a place to cook. If you need a specific kitchen to suit your lifestyle and available space, then a bespoke design could be just what you’re looking for. We’ll make use of all available space to ensure an inch-perfect fit and receive the cupboards, storage and layout you need.

Garden Rooms

Our garden rooms will allow you to admire and enjoy your garden all year round. Whether you’re looking for a home gym, playroom, spare room or creative studio. Our designers, with your help, will create an amazing space.


Britons love a conservatory and it’s easy to see why. Like a garden room they over versatility and an abundance of potential as an additional space. Add value, style and space to your home with a bespoke conservatory.


Combine the best feature of a conservatory and a garden room with an orangery.

Come and See Our Bespoke Joinery

For any of the above bespoke joinery, we only use the best materials and we love to use Accoya wood most of all. A purpose-built manufacture wood, Accoya wood is the most durable and best-looking materials on the market. It is so strong it is now the benchmark for other woods.

If you’re looking for something particular that does not feature in the list above, then speak to our team as we may be able to help anyway.

If you would like to see our bespoke joinery first hand come and see our showroom in Derbyshire. Our purpose-built showroom showcases a sample of our master craftsmanship. However, these are just designs!

If you like the look of our work but want to add your own personal twist, then speak to our team. As we mentioned we specialise in creating bespoke designs that match the creativity and specifications of our customers.