external wooden doors in Chesterfield

There is a long-standing view that modern wooden doors aren’t as attractive as they once were. Old wooden doors are seen as having ornate designs, features that make them unique and even the weight and stunning ironmongery. There is no reason as to why this shouldn’t be the case with modern wooden doors. Along with a number of added modern benefits. 

Modern Timber Doors

In order to ensure that modern timber doors are as energy-efficient and cheap as possible, many people are having plain wooden doors installed. However, this doesn’t mean that you cant have all the stunning features that older wooden doors had on your modern external wooden door. You just haven’t found the right place to ask.
That’s where the team here at Brinard Joinery can help. We specialise in bespoke timber joinery, including external wooden doors. This means we can create the perfect door for you, no simple wooden doors, unless that is what you are looking for.

Ornate Timber Doors

The best kind of wooden doors are the ones with all the features. From ornate designs in the wood, to the perfectly chosen and positioned ironmongery, including nice heavy knockers, wind-resistant letterboxes and even stunning handles.
By investing in bespoke joinery you can ensure that your new external wooden door is as ornate as you want it to be.
Some of our most fabulous ornate doors have been designed to perfectly replicate existing church doors. These doors included all the features of the older, heavy wooden doors. However, they are significantly lighter, making them easier to open and close, along with being energy efficient thanks to the Accoya wood treatment that has been used.

Home Sweet Home

Your home is somewhere you can release your style, your personality and ensure that everything is as you like it. This shouldn’t wait until you enter your home, this should start with your front door. Finding the perfect door for your home isn’t as easy as getting one from existing stock, the perfect door should be bespoke to you.
A bespoke joinery wooden door allows your personality to start right as you approach your home. From choosing the style of your door, to the features such as letterbox and handles, even down to your Technos Spray Finish with a selection of not only translucent colours but also opaque colours.

Accoya Doors

Here at Brinard Joinery, we specialise in Accoya doors and Accoya windows. This is thanks to not only the sustainability of the wood but also the incredible treatment that it goes through before it reaches us.
Accoya takes a standard softwood and takes it through a process that increases its lifespan, and strength tenfold. This process means that the lifespan of this wood, above ground and water, such as your external wooden doors, is around 50 years. And submerged, the lifespan is still around 25 years.
Read more about why we use “Accoya wood at “5 Reasons Why – Accoya Wood“.

If you would like to hear more about external wooden doors in Derby, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to discuss this with you.
If you are replacing your doors, have you considered investing in A-rated timber windows in Derby too? Helping to increase the energy efficiency of your entire home.