Accoya Doors

It feels like a while since we have elaborated on the apparent brilliance of accoya windows and accoya doors. We know we may feel like we keep hitting repeating ourselves but, accoya wood really is that brilliant. 

In fact, in one of our recent blogs, we detailed some of the advantages of having accoya doors or windows in the summer. It still being the summer, means that many of these positives still very much ring true. However, we feel we might need to hammer some points home a little more. 

Accoya timber is a brilliant choice for just about any scenario. That being said, let’s touch on a couple of things that make Accoya windows and doors all the more better for joinery. 

Dynamic Versatility 

When it comes to wood’s varied and expansive use around your home, you will want the wood being used to be versatile and adaptable. 

Accoya windows and doors are contemporary and stylish while simultaneously remaining timeless. If your wooden doors and windows only look at him with one set of decor, then maybe it is time for you to try our fabulous accoya windows and doors. 

Unbeatable Sustainability 

As we have previously alluded to, wooden doors and windows are a much more environmentally friendly choice when it comes to other commonly used industry materials such as PVC. 

If you want to be even more environmentally friendly, you should definitely consider investing in accoya timber. Accoya wood can be recycled much more effectively compared to other types of wood and indeed other materials. 

Without trying to get too technical, the wood is taken through a unique manufacturing process. The process is called acetylation which improves pretty much every aspect of the wood cellular structure. This process provides many key benefits for different applications meaning it makes the material stand out compared to many of its competitors. 

This also makes the doors and windows more dimensionally stable meaning they can open, close and function expertly all year round. 

Incredible Life Expectancy 

When making any investment, be it in windows, doors or anything else for that matter, the chances are, you will want to know it will last you a sufficient amount of time. Luckily, accoya windows and doors are one such you can rely on for incredible life expectancy. 

The outstanding longevity of the wood is underpinned by Class One classification for durability. The wood is pretty much guaranteed to last over 50 years which also showcases incredible longevity. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Perhaps a more superficial benefit, but a benefit nonetheless. Accoya doors and windows are quite pleasing to the eye. The sleek wooden finish with accompanying vibrant colour ensures you will be the envy of everyone who visits your home. So, if your current wooden doors and windows are looking like they have had better days, you might want to invest in accoya timber. 

Low Maintenance

When buying wooden products, you will want too know the products do not require regular and thorough maintenance. Apart from the mild anonymous that you will have to keep dusting and cleaning the wood, the actual process of doing so is rather time consuming. 

Accoya wood requires significantly less maintenance than other types of wood and especially other industry used material. Accompanying this is the fact that despite less of a need to perform regular maintenance, the shrinkage and swelling is significantly lower than other wood types. In fact, the wood shrinks up to 75% less than other woods. 


Accoya timber is 100% recyclable, which can not always be said of other industry used materials. The non-toxic process takes wood from fast growing pine trees and other regionally certified forest trees. 

Saving Your Money

There is a more general push to save money now more than ever. Luckily, accoya doors and windows can help you to save money. 

The wood is naturally insulated meaning it can help keep your home warmer and help save you money on your energy bills. 

Additionally, the wood is fitted with incredible anti-rot technology meaning they are even more likely to last meaning you will not require a replacement and another potential unwanted expenditure.