Garden rooms are one of the best home extensions with plenty of options available for what you can do with your new-found space.

If you can’t decide here are some suggestions –

Home Office – Working from home is becoming a more popular choice with companies now offering flexible working and some taking the jump and working for themselves. A garden room is a perfect space to work in peace and keep it separate from your home life and all its distractions.

Bar Area – If you regularly entertain guests in your home, having a dedicated space that you can open up to enjoy your garden during the Spring and Summer.

Children’s Playroom – If you’re running out of room for your children to play, you could consider converting your garden room into a play area. Being close to the garden is also a bonus in the Spring and Summer as the kids have easy access to the garden.

Garden Lounge – Get away from the stresses of day to day life by creating a lounge area. Having an exclusive area just to switch off could have plenty of benefits for your mental health.

Home Gym – If you prefer to workout at home with the views of your glorious garden then a home gym could be the solution.

Another Bedroom – It’s now becoming cheaper to extend rather than move home, so you could use this as another bedroom if you’ve got guests or a relative visiting you.

If you’ve got any questions about garden room design please get in touch today.