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Installing high-quality wooden doors during the spring or summertime is a great investment but when the winter makes a return, it’s only natural to want to spend more time indoors and there are a number of ways you can make the most of it. In this article, we’ll reveal our expert advice on how to make your home super cosy this winter. Keep on reading to learn more!


It’s essential to have properly fitted doors in your home this winter. Poorly fitted doors give free entry for unwanted cold draughts and water leakages to enter your home. We recommend checking your doors for ageing signs such as cracks by examining the whole doorframe. 

Your external doors battle against sunny and rainy conditions throughout the year, so it’s worth checking the quality of the wood. Old doors fade over time from sun damage. Does your front or patio door tend to stick in its frame? Well, old wood can become swollen which causes this sticking effect from the expansion and contraction of the wood fibres as a result of uneven temperature and moisture changes. From the endless opening and closing, doors can begin to unpleasantly speak from worn hinges and ironmongery such as door handles which can  become loose. 

If you notice any of these ageing signs, it’s time to invest in a new properly fitted door or some new ironmongery. Over the decades, our bespoke wooden doors have been a firm favourite across UK homes due to their advantages of exterior pleasing appearance, increased insulation to cut heating costs, durability, and more.


Did you know that faulty windows are the main cause of heat loss in homes during the winter? That’s why having high-quality windows is crucial in your home. Similar to doors, gaps in the window frame can also lead to cold air entering your home and potentially higher heating costs. 

If you notice a cold draught coming from your window frame, get it repaired or replaced by professionals like ourselves. Our gold standard Accoya windows are known for their durability and Accoya wood has a natural insulating ability to save you money on heating bills during the winter. Our Storm Casement Windows, as the name suggests, protects against extreme weather conditions, providing stormproof performance while creating a snug fit, and preserving the longevity for the window. We also offer the insulation of glazing beads for single or double glazed windows to improve weather sealing and prevent condensation on your windows.

Conservatories and Orangeries

Generally, many of us spend less time in our conservatory or orangery in the winter, even avoiding them altogether because of the colder temperatures. Despite this, what if you could enjoy it all year around? Relax with a cup of tea while listening to the soothing sounds of a storm or rainfall against the conservatory glass. If your conservatory or orangery is located at the front of your house, this makes it an ideal place for the Christmas tree. 

The most common way to make this space cosy is to extend your central heating system or by insulating a radiator to enable temperature adjustment for when you need it. In recent times, modern households also invested in underfloor heating in this space. Other simpler ways including adding more seating, rugs, candles, and soft furnishings will instantly boost the warmth in your conservatory or orangery. If you want to enjoy yours this winter, Brinard Joinery can professionally tailor your conservatory and orangery to suit your home needs.

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