orangeries in derbyshire

Orangeries in Derbyshire take the best attributes from conservatories and garden rooms to create a perfect open space for entertaining family or a quiet place to relax and unwind. Our bespoke orangeries can add character and style to your property. Working closely with our designers you take control over the design of your space to ensure we deliver the perfect build. Traditionally, orangeries make use of brickwork and strong pillars and atrium-style roofing. This expertly captures the light and are a fantastic addition to homes and gardens at any time of the year.

For Versatility

The versatility of orangeries in Derbyshire is what makes them so appealing to our customers. Many of our previous builds have been transformed into home gyms, offices or artistic studios. The open, bright space can inspire and motivate the occupants. Brinard Joinery designers can incorporate the current style of your home into your extension. So regardless of your purpose; your orangery is designed by you, for you.

Our 30-year industry experience means our craftsmen have the know-how and skillset to visualise and create the perfect orangery that you and your family will love. Whatever the purpose of your orangery we can tailor the design to your specifications and ideas.
The space inside an orangery opens itself to a wide variety of uses. With many people using the space as a dining room or additional sitting room, the space needs to be open and free; enabling the user to swap and change as desired.

Many growing families will also use the space as an area that is safe for young children to play, such as a playroom. So if your family is outgrowing your home, this is a great way to add extra space that can be altered as your children grow and have different needs.

Add Value to your Home

In an age where we are only staying in our homes for a few years before moving on. We are battling to find ways to increase the value of our home; while not investing too much time and energy. And at the same time, make changes that are useful to us until we decide to move on.

One of the most simple ways to increase the value of your home is to have an additional room built onto your property. As orangeries are so versatile, they make for the perfect, lower-cost, extension. Whilst significantly increasing the value of your home.

The addition of an extra room to your home will only add value; should the room be both versatile and energy-efficient. Here at Brinard Joinery; we ensure that each orangery that we install has the highest efficiency we can possibly ensure. And as for versatility; we can help you with the design process to ensure that the space is not only right for your needs, but also for the family after yourself.

Orangeries in Derbyshire, Speak to the Professionals

Over the years we have built a portfolio of happy clients and stunning builds, not only for the domestic market but also the private and public sector. Furthermore, our work has extended to local authorities for heritage or conservation projects.

So, for bespoke joinery and orangeries in Derbyshire, be sure to speak to one of our expert team who will happy to talk you through any question you may have and provide you with a free quote.