timber windows in Derbyshire

In years gone by, timber windows were known for letting in the cold weather during winter. This is now a thing of the past. Modern timber windows are no longer absorbing the cold and conducting it into the house. They are equally if not more effective at retaining heat than their alternatives, such as uPVC.

The use of modern timber windows

Recent advances in timber windows mean that they are no longer the breezy, peeling paint frames that we have all come to know of old. When modern timber windows are fitted they are fitted with the same precision and sealing as any other modern windows, ensuring that there are no gaps around the edges that you may have previously seen. Your new frames will also be fitted using the finest quality woods that do not absorb any moisture from the outside.

Accoya wood windows

Here at Brinard Joinery, we offer our customers the option to choose Accoya wood for their timber frames. This wood undergoes a unique process that it ensures it is completely water and airtight, whilst boasting a lifespan outdoors of upto 50 years. This lifespan far exceeds the previously given lifespan for older timber windows.

Modern Glazing

With modern timber frames as weather-resistant, if not better, than its competitors, the biggest issue can be with the choice of glazing. Any frame with single glazing will leave your home exposed to the elements. Introducing double glazing improves the economic potential of your windows. The gas between the panes of glass reduces the impact that the outside weather will have. Increase this to triple glazing for what is currently the best glazing for your home, recusing both temperature impact and noise reduction.

If you have any further questions regarding modern timber windows and the benefits that they can have on your home, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be more than happy to assist you. For other timber projects please visit our products page.