timber windows in nottingham

Unfortunately, the winter cold is starting to make its way back into our lives. It won’t be long before your windows are closed, and the heating comes on. You need your windows to be working to their absolute best! Which is why our timber windows in Nottingham are rated ‘A!’ and offer your home a multitude of benefits to tackle the winter season. It is vitally important that your home is winter ready, and your windows are well equipped. Poorly fitted or old timber windows in Nottingham create a chilly environment with uncomfortable drafts and breezes that run through the home. Upgrading your windows is will eliminate these miserable conditions leaving your home feeling warmer, cosier as well as leaving you with a bit more money in your pocket.

Accoya and Timber Windows in Nottingham

Energy efficient timber windows in Nottingham are produced to the customers’ requirements and specifications. Here at Brinard Joinery, we are the bespoke joinery masters, providing custom-made, inch-perfect fitting windows that are built to last. As well as the use of timber we like to offer our customers a strong push towards Accoya wood. Accoya is the industry standard for strength longevity and appearance offering unrivalled performance to other wood alternatives. We love using Accoya and so do our customers. It can easily be shaped and style into almost any shape with compromising strength. Not only that Accoya require little to no maintenance, just a simple clean and wipe down once a year. For more information about Accoya wood see here.

Come and See our Timber Windows in Nottingham

If you like to see our timber windows in Nottingham first hand come and see for yourself at our showroom in Derbyshire. Alternatively, to discuss your project in full get in touch with a member of the Brinard Joinery team today and we’ll take the first steps together, towards your new windows.