Whether you’re in the construction or the renovation business, timber windows can be a great addition to any building. They can not only to improve the appearance, but also the quality of whatever your project may be in Nottingham. Here at Brinard Joinery we supply a wide array of Timber Windows in Nottingham including bow windows, sash windows and flush windows to ensure that you will find the right products for your project in the Nottingham area. To view our full selection, browse through our brochure to find the perfect bespoke timber windows for you!

Quality Timber Windows in Nottingham

At Brinard we believe that customer choice is a key aspect in our service. We give you a range of options from deciding the glazing and finishing, to the configurations and fittings of your timber windows in Nottingham, to ensure that you get the perfect made to measure product in Nottingham. This means that no matter what style you prefer, from modern to classical designs, we are sure to be able to facilitate your requirements.

timber windows in nottingham

Crafting top-quality timber windows in Nottingham is one of our areas of expertise which is shown in our portfolio of successful clients. This consists of: Local Authorities or Heritage, Conservation Projects, and Listed Buildings. We also have experience in working together with Local Authorities to create solutions that blend conservation requirements with an appearance that meets a modern standard of insulation, glazing, ventilation, and treatment.

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We specialise in making made to measure timber windows in Nottingham, but our work also takes us to the areas of Chesterfield, DerbyDerbyshire, Leicestershire, Matlock, and Sheffield. You can click here to view our gallery of bespoke timber windows, or click to get in touch! Our dedicated Brinard team is waiting to answer any questions you may have, to make your project in Nottingham successful!