External Wooden Doors in Derbyshire

There are many reasons for installing an external wooden door including to act as an entrance and exit point as well as providing security to your home. Additionally, these doors also provide many great benefits when installed properly. So, what are the benefits of installing an external wooden door in your home? In this article, we will explore 5 of these benefits in more detail. 

1) Aesthetics

External wooden doors are available in different wood species such as oak and accoya, bringing a beautiful aesthetic to your home and improving your curb appeal. It can be left in its natural state, giving a rustic and country feel. The wood grain consists of the pattern of the wood fibres and growth rings. Each piece of timber contains its own unique grain pattern. This means no two external wooden doors have the same pattern. Wood can also be painted and re-painted in any colour of your choice for timeless elegance in the home. 

2) Durability

The main difference between wooden doors and other materials is its increased durability. External doors need to withstand all that nature throws at them, from heavy rain showers to blustery winds, and not forgetting the physical knocks, bumps and door slams that will come with regular use. Wood is extremely sturdy and can withstand years, or even decades of everyday use. You can expect a wooden door to last anywhere between 20 and 50 years with proper care and maintenance. 

3) Energy-Efficient

An external wooden door is an excellent thermal insulator. When installed properly, it has the ability to hold onto a decent amount of warmth in your home, instead of letting it all escape through the door frame and bringing in outside cold air when closed. When you are more  energy-efficient, you don’t have to turn up the heating so often, meaning you save money on your energy bills. 

4) Noise Reduction

If you’re situated in an urban or busy area, you can rely on installing an external wooden door to reduce noise. A solid wooden front door can act as an extra layer of soundproofing your home, as the thickness of the wooden door can absorb soundwaves and dampen the intensity of the noise, so you can enjoy a quieter and peaceful home. 

5) Eco-Friendly

As wood is a natural, sustainably-sourced and renewable material, timber is 100% recyclable and it can be re-used to make something else. Installing an external wooden door can reduce your carbon footprint. It is also non-toxic and biodegradable, so it doesn’t release or leave any harmful residue or chemicals into the environment. 

Accoya External Doors From Brinard Joinery

When it comes to deciding on what type of external wooden door to choose from, accoya wood is the way to go. It’s known as the world’s best and long-lasting type of wood. When it is used to make external doors, it goes through a process called ‘acetylation’ to strengthen its durability and longevity characteristics. So, if you’re looking for a first class and long-lasting external door, make sure to consider one made from accoya wood. 

At Brinard Joinery, we offer a range of handcrafted accoya external wooden doors including bespoke, bifolding and sliding options in a variety of styles to suit your requirements and your home exterior. Get a free quotation today by calling us on 01773 608693 or emailing us on sales@brinardjoinery.co.uk. Otherwise, feel free to browse our door gallery, or visit our showroom in Alfreton, Derbyshire to view our in-store range of external wooden doors.