timber windows in Matlock

Brinard specialises in bespoke joinery with timber windows in Matlock being one of our specialities. Accoya is a fantastic wood and perhaps the most durable of all for fantastic value. It makes for truly beautiful windows and doors no matter what style of property you have but works particularly well in traditional homes. We have over 25 years experience in the business and have worked on all manner of commercial and domestic properties across Matlock and surrounding areas. Our windows and doors are completely bespoke and can add thousands to the value of your home!

Choose Accoya Windows and Doors in Matlock

Accoya offers both the ultimate in value and in style! While some wood species are naturally durable, natural durability is known to be a variable and inconsistent property. Decades of research has gone into developing this material to make it perfect for outdoor use as well as challenging applications. It’s also an environmentally friendly material, which we take very seriously at Brinard. All of the wood used to manufacture timber windows in Matlock is taken from sustainable sources and we are extremely proud of our green credentials.

The process of acetylation makes Accoya timber a high-quality, low-maintenance option for your home.

In the simplest terms, the process of acetylation is essentially subjecting a softwood to vinegar that turns it into hardwood and prevents the cells in the wood from being able to absorb water.
The vinegar is acetic anhydride, so not quite a malt vinegar for your fish and chips!

What is Acetic Anhydride?

Acetic anhydride is made up from Sodium chloride (salt) and dihydrogen monoxide (water) but importantly the reactive organic components are carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, meaning it’s not toxic, making the process of acetylation non-toxic too.

Acetylation also doesn’t cause any meaningful change to the colour of wood whereas processes such as thermal modification which deepens the colour of wood to dark brown.

Get Your Accoya Windows and Doors Today

Accoya is the world’s leading high technology long life wood and it is the versatility and durability of the product that sets it apart from other woods. We can create stunning, totally unique Accoya windows and external doors for your home in any style you desire. Brinard has even been commissioned to work on listed buildings in the past thanks to the high quality of our work. If you would like to know more about our Accoya windows and doors in Matlock, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.

You can also get a better idea of our Accoya products in our Showroom, based at our site in Alfreton, Derbyshire.