Accoya doors and windows in a cottage

Sash windows are a fantastic feature for your home and can also be a valuable asset. Adding this stylish yet functional touch to the building can positively impact on the value of your property. Sash windows add a period touch to your home, not only transforming the interior, but also improving its external appearance. At Brinard Joinery, we aim to convince you that refurbishing your sash windows or making them a great new addition to your décor, is definitely worth considering!

Sash windows – no more heat loss worries

With the rise in fuel prices, heating and insulation is a current issue that is massively affecting decisions when we buy or rent a property. People are very keen to keep original sash windows for aesthetic purposes and to add value to their property,  but they often have doubts whether sash windows are a good idea, for fear of insulation and draughts.  Brinard Joinery have crafted a range of sash windows which can eliminate all your worries about insulation. With our expertise and skill, we can completely rebuild your sash windows, refurbishing them to be double glazed and draught proof, giving you the perfect look, which also complies with modern warmth and noise standards.

If you’re looking for a set of windows which blends seamlessly into your home we can build your new sash windows to be exactly the same design and style as your current ones. Sash windows are statement piece and can often be the focus point of the room, so their appearance can be one of the main requirements for our customers. This is why we ensure that any work we do to improve insulation won’t affect their elegant appearance.

Sash windows may have been removed from your house in the past for a number of reasons and if you’ve always fancied having them in your home again, then Brinard Joinery is the place for you! We can completely replace old windows with sash windows, and these can be tailored to reflect a specific look and restore the feel of your home to its original style. Sash windows don’t just look great in homes where they were once an original feature though, their vintage feel can look incredible in a wide range of homes and buildings.

We can help you find the perfect sash windows!

At Brinard Joinery we have a team of expert staff  who can explain the best options for your very own sash windows, so for any advice or for a tailor made quote get in touch today. To see some examples of our exceptional joinery from past project then have a look at the Brinard Joinery Gallery, the standards of our joinery, really do speak for themselves.

Brinard Joinery are located in Derbyshire, but we have experience fitting timber windows in a selection of surrounding locations such as Derby, Matlock, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Leicestershire, Sheffield. So wherever you’re located, get in touch, we’re sure to be able to help.