Brinard Joinery was established in 1982 to service the needs of the local building trade as supply only manufacturer of high quality purpose made joinery products.
Since then we have grown and evolved and we now provide purpose made joinery products for Domestic or Commercial projects to Building Contractors, House Builders, Self-build, National and Independant Builders Merchants, Local Authorities and Bar Fitters for New-build, Replacement or Conversion.
Our products are frequently supplied to Projects or Customers in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire, but have travelled as far as Scotland, North Humberside, Norfolk, Suffolk, London and France

There are plenty of Joinery Manufacturers offering “Made to Measure” Joinery using their standard profiles and specifications.
Of course, Brinard Joinery can offer the same type of service at competitive rates but we also offer fully Bespoke Service using any combination of materials, fittings, profiles and specifications.
We can match existing joinery exactly to satisfy the requirements of Local Authorities for
Heritage or Conservation Projects or Listed Buildings and frequently get involved with Local Authorities to create a solution that satisfies conservation requirements in appearence while meeting modern standards of insulation, glazing, ventilation and treatment.
Whether you require Modern, Contemporary, Traditional or Classic style, we can create a product that meets your needs

5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects

On all products against manufacturing defects
(excluding redwood doors, ironmongery, fixtures and
fittings – unless stated otherwise).BRINARD JOINERY LTD will
accept no responsibility for products cut down in size
after receipt, or when utility or structural strength is
impaired in fitting or application of hardware.

1 year guarantee on ironmongery or manufactures if greater

on all fittings against defects when properly fitted to the manufactures


3 year guarantee on Hi-build factory Finished external joinery

Finished joinery is guaranteed against blistering,
cracking, flaking or erosion (excluding natural resin
extrudation and movement around knots as this is unavoidable
when painting softwood)
Annual inspection should be made and touching up carried out
as necessary in areas of wear and tear (for example,
exposed areas of window sills or where the paint film
has been breached).
This guarantee to the finished product is also
on condition that:
• No physical or chemical damage to the window or
coating has occurred.
• No repairs or alterations to the surrounding
buildings have occurred which are detrimental to
the joinery performance.
• No failure of the coating has occurred caused by
failure of ancillary products, or glazing.
• No damage to the coatings has occurred prior to, or
during, installation.
• No damage to the coating has occurred, caused by
bad maintenance of the building
or poor design of the building.

5 year guarantee on insulating glass units

Only insulating glass units supplied by BRINARD JOINERY LTD are
covered by this Guarantee
Note: Site re-glazing costs are not covered by
this guarantee. Where windows are supplied factory
glazed all elements of the glazing system are covered
by this guarantee.

These guarantees are subject to BRINARD JOINERY LTD Terms
and Conditions of Sale. Defects that are caused in
whole or in part by failure to adhere to BRINARD JOINERY LTD
recommendations relating to storage, handling,
installation, decoration, glazing and maintenance,
are not covered by these guarantees.



Where the Company accepts orders for goods or
materials of a type, size or quality not normality
produced by the Company, the Company will use
oil reasonable endeavours to execute the order, but
if it proves impossible, impracticable or
uneconomical to carry out or complete the order,
the Company reserves the right to cancel the
contract or the uncompleted balance thereof, in
which event the customer will only be liable to pay
for the part thereof actually delivered.


(1)    The delivery or performance dates specified in
the contract are approximate only and, unless
otherwise expressly stated, time is not of the essence
for delivery. The Company will not be liable in any
circumstances for the consequences of any delay in
delivery or failure to deliver if the duration of the
delay is not substantial or if the delay or failure is due
to act of God. fire, inclement or exceptional
weather conditions, industrial action (whether at
the Company’s premises or elsewhere), hostilities,
break downs, shortage of labour, materials, power
or other supplies, late delivery or performance or
non-delivery or non-performance by suppliers or
sub-contractors, governmental order or
intervention (whether or not having the force of law)
or any other cause whatever beyond the
Company’s control or of an unexpected or
exceptional nature.

(2)    No delay shall entitle the Customer to reject any
delivery or any further instalment or part of the order
or any other order from the Customer or to repudiate
the contract or the order.

(3)    The Company cannot undertake to meet any
schedule of Customer’s requirements supplied after
the date of the contract and will have no liability
whatever for delay in meeting or failure to meet all
or any of such requirements (howsoever such failure
or delay may arise) unless and to the extent that the
Company expressly agrees in writing to meet such
requirements, in which event paragraph (1) of this
Condition shall apply.


If for any reason the Customer is unable to accept
delivery of the goods; when the goods are due and
ready for delivery the Company may arrange
storage of the goods and the Customer shall be
liable to the Company for the reasonable costs
(including insurance) of such storage. This provision
is without prejudice to any other right which the
Company may have in respect of the Customer’s
failure to take delivery of the goods and to receiving
payment for them at the same time as it would have
done had delivery taken place on the due date.


(a)    The risk in the goods shall pass to the Customer:-

(i)   When the goods are delivered to the

Customer in accordance with these conditions


(ii)   If the goods are appropriated to the

Customer but kept at the Companies premises

At the request of the Customer.

(b)    Not withstanding sub clause (a) above legal and
equitable ownership of the goods shall retrain with
the Company until payment for the goods has been
received by the Company in full or until the
Customer sells the goods to its customers by way of
bona fide sale at full market value whichever shall
first occur.

(c)    At any time prior to full payment (whether or not
payment is then overdue) the Company may
(without prejudice to any of its other rights) retake
possession of the goods or any part thereof and may
enter on the Customers premises by its employees or
agents for that purpose.

(d)    Until the time of full payment for the goods the
Customer shall be a Bailee of the goods on behalf of
the Company and shall store the goods in such a
way that they are separately identifiable,
nevertheless prior to the time of full payment the
customer is entitled to use the goods in the normal
course of its business or to sell the goods to third
parties in the normal course of its business. The
company shall have the right to trace the proceed
of sale according to the principles In re Hallett’s
Estate (1880) 13 CH D 696.

(e)    The Customers right to use the goods or resell
them prior to full payment may be terminated
forthwith by written notice given by the Company to
the Customer and shall automatically terminate
with or without such notice on the appointment of
any receiver or liquidator of the Customer.


(1)   In accordance with the usual custom of the trade
the Company does not guarantee doors
manufactured of Redwood.

(2)    The Company warrants in relation to goods of the
Company’s manufacture (excluding doors
manufactured of Redwood) that it will (at the
Company’s choice) either repair or supply only
replacement, or refund the full purchase price of
any goods which are found within a period of:-

(a)    5 working days from despatch of such goods
from the Company’s works to have a patent defect

(b)    3 months from despatch of such goods from the
Company’s works to have a latent defect or not to
be in accordance with the contract or any express
description or representation given or made on
behalf of the Company In respect of the goods.
The company will require a reasonable period of
time to carry out any repairs or supply of
replacements (“the warranty periods”)

(3)    The Company warrants in relation to goods not of
the Company’s manufacture (including but not
limited to parts and components supplied by others
for goods manufacture by the Company) that it will
so far as it is able to do so give the Customer the
benefit of any express guarantee or warranty by the
manufacturer or supplier of such goods and of any
other rights which the Company has against the
manufacturer or supplier.

(4)    It is a condition precedent to any lability of the
Company that-

(a)    All goods shall be stored in a dry place, stacked
flat, slightly raised from the ground and adequately
protected from the weather and that no internal
joinery shall be installed in a building which has not
adequately dried out.

(b)    All joinery supplied in the white shall be suitably
primed without delay after receipt and all joinery
supplied shall receive further coats of paint within a
reasonable period not exceeding 3 months. Joinery
supplied with a basecoat of stain shall receive
further coots as soon as possible not exceeding 3

(c)    Any surfaces subsequently cut. Particularly those
exposing end grain shall be brush coated with
preservative and if required for paint finish shall also
be primed before the joinery is fixed in position.

(d)    All joinery shall be installed correctly in
accordance with normal! Trade practices and
adequately maintained in service.

(e)    Paintwork or other protective surface finish of
external joinery shall be maintained in service and
moisture shall not be allowed to penetrate into the

(f)     Exterior doors must be fully finished on both faces
and all four edges prior to hanging.

(5)    Additionally, in the event of any claim under any
of the foregoing warranties or under any condition
of warranty implied by law or order any other
express condition warranty or guarantee the
following provisions shall apply:-

(a)    The Customer must not have fitted, fixed, painted
or in any way altered the goods.

(b)    The Customer must have complied with all
recommendations relating to the goods.

(c)    the goods to be repaired or replaced shall be
made available for collection by the Company at
the original point of delivery and the expenses of
redelivery shall also be for the Company’ expense,

(d)    Exchanged goods will become the property of
the Company.

(6)    The Customer’s remedies in respect of any claim
under the foregoing express warranty or against any
manufacturer or supplier as aforesaid or any claim
under any condition or warranty implied by law or
any other claim in respect of the goods or any
workmanship in relation thereto (whether or not
involving negligence on the part of the Company)
shall in relation to goods of the company’s
manufacture be limited to repair supply or
replacement or refund of the purchase price as
aforesaid and any condition or warranty implied by
law shall cease to apply after the expiry of the
warranty periods and in oil other cases shall be
limited to the enforcement of the above-mentioned
liabilities of the manufacture or supplier.

(7)    The Company shall not in any circumstances be
liable for any damages, compensation, costs,
expenses, losses or other Liabilities, whether direct or
consequential, and any other remedy which would
otherwise be available in law is hereby excluded
except to the extent that such exclusion is
prohibited by any rule of law.


Hire work and work involving the use of customers
materials work is undertaken on the express
understanding that the Company cannot be
responsible for any distortion, faults or defects which
appear or develop during or are caused by the
work, howsoever arising even if resulting from any
fault, negligence or mistake of the Company, The
Company gives no guarantee or warranty of any
kind but subject to the availability of capacity and
facilities, it will endeavour to correct any such
distortions, faults or defects at the Customer’s
expense and risk. The Company shell not in any
circumstances be liable for any damages,
compensation, costs, expenses, losses or other
liabilities whether direct or consequential and any
other remedy which would otherwise be available in
law is hereby excluded except to the extent that
such exclusion is prohibited by law.


(1)    The Company is entitled to assume that all
drawings, descriptions, specifications and other
information supplied by the Customer to the
Company, whether written or verbal, are all in
respects complete, accurate and entirely suitable
for the Customer’s requirements.

(2)    Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the Company
shall have no responsibility for the performance
suitability or durability of any goods or any materials
or workmanship comprised therein to the extent that
the same is manufactured in accordance with the
Customer’s designs, drawings or specifications.

(3)    Where the Company, at the request of the
Customer, agrees to manufacture goods on the
basis of incomplete or incorrect information,
drawings or description supplied by the Customer
then the Company shall not be liable in any way
whatsoever if the goods manufactured by the
Company prove unsuitable for the Customers
purposes and the Company shall be entitled to
payment of its invoice in full.

(4)    The Company manufactures staircases to
conform to British Standard 644 and to the Building
Regulations in force in relation thereto at the time of
manufacture but if at the request of the Customer
the Company shall manufacture a staircase which
does not conform as aforesaid then such staircase is
manufactured entirely at the risk of the Customer
and the Company shall not be in any way liable in
respect thereof.

(5)    The Company will not be liable in any way in
respect of goods manufactured by it where double
glazing has been fitted thereto not in accordance
with British Standard 6262.

(6)    If the Company shall receive an order from the
Customer to manufacture circular work then the
Company shall be entitled to use its own discretion
as to the manner of the manufacture and the
Company shall not be in any way liable in respect of
minor defects which may arise as a result of the
differing properties of the various timber
components used but the Company does
undertake that in manufacturing such work the
Company will conform to all usual trade practices
and methods.

(7)    The Company shall not be in any way liable in
respect of variations on the colour of timber
components used in manufacture,

(8)    The Company reserves the right to use laminated
timber in accordance with usual trade practices.


Where at the Customer’s request, the Company
agrees to cancel an order before completion, then
the Customer will be liable to pay for any work
carried out prior to the cancellation and any costs
incurred by the company in obtaining or providing
raw materials or fittings for that order.


The Company reserves the right to sub-contract the
whole or any part of the contract.


The Contract shall in all respects be governed by
and construed in accordance with English taw and
the Customer hereby submits to the non-exclusive
jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Data Protection

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in all EU member states, including the UK, and has an impact in all countries where we operate. Brinard Joinery Ltd is currently taking steps to ensure that we are ready for the change in law. The new law means we need your permission to contact you.
Why we collect data
At Brinard Joinery Ltd we only collect data to process your order, send order acknowledgements, quotations, delivery notifications, invoices & statements and also to notify you of any promotional offers.
How we collect data
This occurs when you create an account with us or place an order, whether it’s via telephone, e-mail or from our website. Your data is protected and is not passed onto any third parties. The only time we may need to share your data is when we need to advise our couriers of your delivery address/contact details, so they can advise delivery estimates and deliver your order safely and securely.
Know your rights
You have many rights over your personal data. You have the right to know what personal data we process, store and how it is used. You also have the right to request that your data is deleted at any time.
Should you wish to remove your business from our data system please contact us as soon as possible:
Phone: 01773608693
It is absolutely important that we all comply to the new regulations to ensure the continued success of our working relationship.

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