external wooden doors in Chesterfield

While external wooden doors have a primary function of securing your home, they can also enhance the aesthetics. However, they can become dull-looking due to wear and tear. This is where proper maintenance comes into play. Not only does it help improve the appearance again, but also preserves the wood. As a bespoke joinery, we wanted to help homeowners maintain their external wooden doors for as long as possible. To do so, we have put together the following maintenance checklist. Continue reading to learn how to keep your external wooden doors looking new, even if your doors are more than 10 years old!

Clean The Door

Regular cleaning is a fundamental part of door maintenance. There is no need for harsh cleaners as they can damage the wood finish. All you need to do is dampen a cloth in soap and water and wipe away loose dirt, dust and cobwebs. Pay attention to any corners, edges, ridges where dirt tends to collect. For any stubborn stains, you can put some mineral spirits or paint thinner on a clean, dry cloth and work it into the stain. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.  

Inspect & Repair

While you are cleaning your doors, now is the perfect time to inspect it. Pay close attention to the glass for moisture build-up or condensation, these are signs that the glazing will need to be replaced. Inspect the caulk, if there are cracked or peeling areas, it will need to be removed and re-done. 

Next, check if the door is sticking in its frame. This can happen when there is a change in the humidity levels, causing the wood to swell. To solve this problem, mark where the door is sticking, take it off the hinges and lightly sand down the marked area. If there are scratches on your door, lightly sand down the area before the next step. If your door is making squeaking noises, this generally indicates worn hinges. Make sure to lubricate the hinges with a silicone spray, or replace them if needed and tighten any loose screws.

Apply Finish 

Exposure to direct sunlight and rain can take a toll on the finish of external wooden doors. To prevent colour fade, remove any peeling or cracking paint by lightly sanding it down and apply a high-quality wood stain or finish. These wood stains and finishes act as a protective barrier against outdoor elements, colour fading, warping and insects. They also come in a range of colours to match your desired look including natural oak, grey, black, as well as vibrant options such as mahogany, red, green and blue hues.

Visit Our Derbyshire Showroom For Bespoke External Wooden Doors

If you have noticed any severe damage to your current external door, then you will be in need of a replacement. Leaving it unnoticed can lead to cold draughts or moisture leaks entering your home and making matters worse. Luckily, if you visit the Brinard Joinery showroom in Alfreton, you can see first-hand our range of stunning external wooden doors, as well as wooden windows, staircases, bespoke kitchens, conservatories, orangeries and more. Our external wooden doors are crafted from Accoya wood technology and can be tailor made to perfectly fit your doorframe. 

Visit our door gallery to see examples of our craftsmanship. If you wish to speak to our team, call us on 0779 124 8007 or email us on sales@brinardjoinery.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you.