A timeless country kitchen

Wood and timber were once the most utilised materials in and around the home, with many homes boasting wooden furniture from top to bottom. Many were ornate and had grand designs, and most had stunning wooden doors and windows. 

However, over the last few decades, wood has been replaced with the use of more “modern” materials, such as plastics and uPVC. Here at Brinard Joinery, we are glad to see wood making a grand comeback into the world of exterior and interior design and we hope that this trend will continue for many years to come.

So how can you introduce this excellent and elegant material into your home and life? Continue reading to learn more

From the front door

The best place to start when it comes to introducing wood into your home is with the front door. In years gone by, wooden doors have been taken out and replaced with the likes of uPVC and composite doors, thanks to older wooden doors swelling in bad weather meaning they could sometimes have a bit of an issue opening and closing. However, the introduction of new treatments for wood, and the use of long-lasting timber such as Accoya wood by Brinard Joinery means that this is no longer a concern.

Not only does the use of modern treatments mean that wood is back to being a great option for your front door, but you can also have the door made bespoke, meaning that even if your doorway is not square, or your style is a little unique and unorthodox, it can be made perfectly to suit you and your home. We also offer a range of paint colours from Teknos, meaning that you can have even more control over your door, including its colour.

Wooden windows

Alongside the change in the style of front doors over the years, we have also seen a number of people opt for the plastic appearance of uPVC window frames. To many lovers of wood, the use of uPVC simply looks unappealing, and we have to say, we wholeheartedly concur. Change out your current window frames, and look at investing in the timeless classic appearance of the elegant wooden window frames. Again with the advances in technology, wooden windows have never been so energy efficient!

Bespoke frames are made to fit perfectly within your window space, even if they aren’t the most square of designs, meaning that there will be no gaps to allow a draught. We fit A-Rated windows, even up to triple glazing.

Bespoke Staircases

When making changes to the interior of our home, one of the biggest features to consider is the one that is most commonly overlooked – that being the staircase. Whether you are looking to invest in a big grand bespoke staircase to entirely change the entrance to your home, or you just want to change up the bannisters and look at having a bespoke design created specifically for you – you can change the whole feel of the space, by investing in one of our many bespoke wooden staircase designs. 

Our fantastic staircases are one of many eye-catching bespoke joinery products we offer in Derby. Not based in Derby? Not to worry, we also supply bespoke joinery in Nottingham, Leicester and other surrounding areas.

Country Style Kitchens

With the introduction of made-to-measure kitchens available from a variety of hardware stores, kitchen fitters and even the likes of a Swedish company, wooden kitchens are being replaced left, right, and centre. However, we still strongly believe that investing in a bespoke wooden kitchen offers you a timeless space, with a lifespan that is sure to exceed kitchens made from other material types.

Another fine benefit of a bespoke wooden kitchen is if you need any changes to be made to the bespoke design or fit, they can be made on-site when being installed. This ensures that you have access to your brand new bespoke kitchen with parts needing to be taken away if any adjustments are required. We can also offer you matching kitchen/diner furniture to continue the style throughout.

Bespoke Furniture

The options for the use of bespoke joinery in and around your home truly are limitless. From bespoke benches and tables in your kitchen, to a bookcase in the living room, a cupboard under the stairs or built-in wardrobes. If you have an idea for a piece of furniture that you would like to see in your home, opting for bespoke joinery means that you can get this idea, from inside your mind, onto paper or a computer design and then into reality, all whilst using the finest sustainable materials available.

Here at Brinard Joinery, we love a challenge, whether it’s something new that we haven’t tried before, or something that we are renowned for, but with a twist. If you have a bespoke joinery project which requires undertaking from a team of bespoke joinery experts from Derby, get in touch with our team today who will be happy to hear from you. Head over to our latest news for the latest ideas on what we can introduce into your home.