Bespoke Joinery

The New Year is a chance to start fresh or make changes in your life, and this can apply to your home! But where do you start with updating your home? Here at Brinard Joinery here are our top tips for revamping your home in 2019 and why we’d like to help you create the home of your dreams with our bespoke joinery.

Top Tips for improving your home with Bespoke Joinery

You may look at your home and think, where do I start? The most common and noticeable home improvement is a new kitchen. Kitchens are a chance for homeowners to express their personality and lifestyle. They are no longer just a place to cook, they offer so much more such as entertaining, catching up with friends and family or a place to unwind.

Our bespoke joinery kitchens offer top of the range solutions and fittings ensuring you get exactly what it is you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a quaint country style kitchen or something modern and innovative, Brinard Joinery can provide the answer.

New windows and doors are sometimes overlooked as a home improvement; however, they make a big difference in your home. Not only aesthetically but comfort as well. Old doors and windows suffer from leaks or cracks meaning the harsh British weather enters your home. Creating draughty or damp conditions. New doors and windows eliminate these gaps and deliver high performance by holding in the heat and the weather out.

Our bespoke windows and doors are created to your exact measurements and design criteria. Using only the best materials your windows and doors will look great and outperform any alternatives.

Our final home improvement tip is an orangery, garden room or conservatory. Why not extend your home as well as improve what is already inside? Extensions of these types offer so much in terms of space versatility. Add an extra living space, playroom, creative space, home gym, the possibilities are endless. Our bespoke joinery will deliver a space that matches your requirements.

Why Choose Brinard Joinery for Bespoke Joinery in 2019

We love working with wood and have been doing so for over 35 years. Our designers love new challenges when it comes to bespoke joinery so here are a few reasons why we’d love to help you revamp your home in 2019

  • Bespoke – as the name suggests your joinery will be unique to you and your home, so your build will be one of a kind.
  • Made to measure – your joinery is for your project, we’ll take all the necessary measurements to ensure your instalment is the perfect fit.
  • Strength and Style – we don’t compromise strength over style or vice versa. We only use the best materials to ensure a strong and stylish build, built to last.

Contact Brinard Joinery for Bespoke Joinery in 2019

Our bespoke joinery can be utilised all over your home and our aim is to provide woodwork that lives up to your expectations and our high standard of craftsmanship. If you’re considering bespoke joinery for your home but still have a few questions. Please contact a member of our team today and we’ll be happy to provide the answers.

Alternatively, we have a purpose-built showroom in Derbyshire, showcasing some of the designs and builds we can provide. Brinard Joinery works across the Middle of England in many major cities and towns including Derby, LeicesterNottingham, Sheffield and more.