Timber Windows in a Modern Looking Home

Timber windows are a simple but effective way to transform both the interior and exterior of your home. Here at Brinard Joinery, we are the masters of bespoke joinery, helping customers across the Midlands find the perfect style of timber windows that match their home, personality and budget. Adding new windows to your home is a big decision! therefore, we’ve put together a few reasons why our windows are so amazing…

Timber Windows made Easy

  1. Firstly, they look amazing! Nothing comes close to the look and feel of a timber window. Wooden windows are suited to any era or style of home. Our designers love incorporating Accoya wood into their builds thanks to its ease with which it can be shaped.
  2. Our windows are durable and built to last! The lifespan of our timber windows is second to none. As we use Accoya wood to create your bespoke design, this material has been altered and engineered at a genetic level to reduce rotting, mould and insect infestations.
  3. To coincide with the longevity of our wooden windows, your windows require little maintenance. A simple coating and basic cleaning once a year will keep your windows full of life. Additionally, if you do miss a coating and you feel the window has become neglected, a once over with the paintbrush will revitalise your window to its former glory.
  4. Timber windows add value! PVC might be the cheaper option in the short term, however, timber windows add value to the property as a whole. Our windows are handmade and built from scratch resulting in unique creations, which buyers love.
  5. The Green Choice! Accoya wood is extremely eco-friendly. Full biodegradable and 100% capable of incineration. Not only that our windows are fitted with A rated double glazing trapping your heat inside your home. Windows which hold the heat have huge impacts on your energy bills saving around 15-20%.

Get a Quote for Timber Windows

So, speak to us today for more details about our timber windows. We provide services to the following areas. Derby, Derbyshire, Matlock, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Leicestershire and Sheffield.